By | December 12, 2016
xiaomi-mi vitrual reality

From Smartphone as a major market for Xiaomi in India also introducing some other gadgets which are the core competency in other market for Xiaomi.

Recently introducing VR Headset in Indian Market with a price range of Rs.999.

With its core competition part with other players introducing the VR in price range which is very best to sell in the Indian Market.


Xiaomi,Mi VR Play headset is an improved version of Google Cardboard VR headset and comes in a two-way zipper design, which makes it easy for users to put in their smartphones.Also allows users to view 360-degree YouTube videos and Mi Live VR livestreams. The headset is also compatible with Google Cardboard Camera app that lets users click VR photos.


Xiaomi Mi VR Play features Lycra material and comes with dual front openings for slight positioning adjustments and ventilation. The new headset is compatible with smartphones ranging from 4.7-inches to 5.7-inches.

Xiaomi claims that the Mi VR Play headset can easily fit Mi Note as well as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The headset sports anti-reflective lens for image clarity. The optical-grade aspheric lens has a high tolerance interval of 0.01mm. It also features a textured metal button which when pressed, a silicone button inside makes direct contact with the smartphone. The Mi VR Headset measures 201x107x91mm and weighs 208.7 grams. Xiaomi has also introduced non-slip pads into the VR headset.

Xiaomi also announced Mi Live, a live video streaming app, in India. The new app is now available via Google Play. Announcing the new Mi Live app, the company said, “Mi Live is our own livestreaming app with locally sourced content and is open to viewing hosts from across the country.”


  • Mi VR Play headset to be available via
  • The headset will go on sale from December 21

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