By | January 31, 2017

Its a wonderful concept I have seen in the video that how the house ceiling is converted into a powerhouse using solar panels which are just looks like a tile in different shapes and put together to give a power to run the whole house.

Using Tesla battery packs, tesla gives a option to live offgrid with all utilities to run on solar power.

I love to see this concept in realistic with implementation on the country like India where the scarcity of the power is more.

Only thing in implementation this type of concept is the cost incurring in this which is more then we think if a normal person want to implement on his house.

So lets see what the advance technology gives a low cost panels,electric cars and further technology updation so as to meet the large amount of people requirement.

Looks the concept is very similar a drastic change in the upcoming decade where all the energy is produced through renewable energy.

One finest example is the dutch trains system totally run on the wind energy.

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