By | March 29, 2017

India is most populated country in world on 2nd position. These scarcity of people in country needs a good transportation system with cheap availability.

With innovation in technology, renewable energy solutions gives a answer to this problem like electric cars,bikes,scooters etc.

solar-powered-car by techholly

Soon we are going to see a car with solar panels on the top to generate its own electricity with clean energy which is the most powerful change coming in transportation.

Every country needs this mode of transportation so as to make the pollution low and make a affordable energy for transportation.

Country like India is moving slowly towards these phase of transportation as the technology is not affordable for common people also the reach is not feasible.

Many electric scooters are also introduced but the charging station,speed, low costing is not feasible or in touch with the common people. As the power consumption is totally based on grid.

Government is giving attention to this type on solar power to be installed on top of roof ‘s but the knowledge and the prices of solar installation is much more to be introduce in the common market.

So hope some market driven analysis gives the prices will be low as the progress goes on and gives a idea to use solar energy in our day to day life in every manner.

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