By | November 12, 2016

From wireless 4G services now the RJIL is focusing on the broadband services which is a dream of various telecom companies.It is revealed in a news that it is launching their fibre to home services (FTTH) which is to target the high speed internet facility to every home.

Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

With FTTH services reliance plan to give 1 Gbps speed internet to every home and planning to bring all the communication services through the FTTH and 4G services which gives users a high speed internet facility from outside to their home.This could be a trouble for all the telecos.

Connecting the whole community through internet and make the digitalization from home to every where.This plan include a set top box which is run through android services run all the digital equipment connected with the set top box.

Smart home

Through this plan Jio is going to make the smart home for all the people through Internet of things concept and gives facility to safe home with smart equipment’s.

Other PlansĀ 

Through all this Reliance Jio is going to impact the whole Indian Communities with their cheap,strong,fast internet services and a tough competition to all the telecom sector.

Planning is much more understand moving slowly but with deep penetration in the market.


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