By | November 17, 2016

Using VR Technology with HTC Vive VR Google try a new things in Virtual Reality. Bring the Google Earth space view to the VR and gives a personal showcase for the people to move in virtual world before going to that place.

Decision for travelling could be made,planned neat,gives a direction and many more to see the places through VR.

Going with latest technology and connect it with existing technologies gives new height to improve and made new technologies updates provide a new door for people.

However, Google Earth VR is just not perfect yet. The Verge calls it little rough with just flat maps and zero topography with trees appearing blocky. In VR mode, Google Earth VR shows virtual stand-in for both of the Vive’s physical controller. The left shows a miniature globe highlighting the region user is currently exploring. Users can pan around with a virtual pointer emitted from the right controller. The controller helps to precisely pinpoint and navigate.

After trials this Google Earth VR gives a solution to unknown places to visit with known structure to be planned.


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